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Since its introduction in 2003 various sub-systems have been developed and bolted on to our membership management system eNclub. These include a loyalty scheme accrual and redemption system, a debit card issuance and management application, a real-time multi-location POS system and an online reservations sub-system.

The core design of eNclub closely resembles the underlying concept of customer relationship management (CRM), in that the root record of note is the "Member" and all activities within the system will always relate back to a "root member".  As a result transactions and activities can be used to navigate both from and to a root member.

Freestyle indexing easing data accessibility

Effectively this results in each member being considered as an entity in its own right, once created the member can be accessed using any part of the record, individually or in combination. 

By adopting this freestyle of indexing, an organisation can search its membership database, cross link records, build relationships and maintain records using any of the individual parts of the root membership record.

Adaptable to a variety of uses

Each member's root record contains fields relating to accumulated financial transactions, together with links to the actual physical financial transactions.

In this way the system can be used to accomodate a "Loyalty Scheme", where points are accumulated based on user defined rules applied to financial transactions carried out by the member.

While financial records are maintained against each individual member, they can be presented as a demographic or applicable group of transactions, which in turn could have specific promotional rules attached to the accumulation of points.

Data extraction and reporting

As with all of our systems eNclub is provided with a complete XML interface for integration with 3rd party applications and also data extraction to other desktop applications. Full reporting capabilities, including ad-hoc report generation, are also provided.

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