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According to the global search giant Google, faster websites mean more customers, and for them fast means 5 seconds or less to load a page.

For high traffic content rich websites, that attract visitors on a global scale, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are an essential part of ensuring continuity of availability of the website, and its ability to meet these sort of response times.

A content delivery network improves the speed that a website appears in the visitors browser by delivering it from servers that geographically closest to them. The data making up the websites that the CDN delivers is continually refreshed from the "master" website so effectively allowing the adoption of CDN technology by even the most dynamically updated websites.

Having completed the commissioning of our own CDN during the latter part of 2010 we had begun migrating many of our larger clients on to the network during 2011. In tandem with this we also introduced our own Web Analytics service to facilitate accurate analysis by our clients of their websites’ usage and performance across the CDN.

The benefits of our CDN were immediately noticeable, in terms of speed of page load and clarity of multimedia delivery, especially amongst our hospitality industry clients. Further, by adopting a CDN topology we have been able to take advantage of emerging design trends in the development of websites that require very fast delivery of data to the visitors’ browser.

During 2011 we fine tuned or data replication routines to ensure optimal response times no matter where the website is being viewed from. Coupliing our CDN with our already installed Geocasted DNS service has resulted in not only faster websites but more efficient bandwidth utilisation across our network.

The vast majority of our clients' sites are now hosted from within our CDN, including Rotana,  the high traffic news site and the popular online florists Exotica.

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