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It's a mobile revolution
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Today more mobile devices are accessing the Internet than laptops and PCs. Thus, all websites we develop encompass mobile sites that are at the same levels of functionality as traditional desktop sites.

For our Hospitality clients Mobile devices are presenting new opportunities for online bookings. For Rotana Hotels, we produced mobile versions of their online booking orientated website and also their more socially orientated news and promotions website In both cases all of the functionality of the "mother" sites was built in to their mobile equivalents, including full real-time online reservations across all their properties, live competitions and video galleries.

Similarly, for our online shopping site clients we have developed fully PCI compliant mobile versions, offering the same products with a user friendly online shopping capability all the way through to online payment and fulfilment.

Since launching these sites, our clients have begun to see new interest coming from demographics that previously would not have been able to view their product offerings had the mobile site not been available.

While it is not always essential that your mobile website offers full functionality, Google reports that the most popular information sought over the Internet is contact telephone numbers. So, at the very least, your website should have a mobile friendly contact page with automatic "telephone" links enabled.

Confusion over mobile website or "app"

As the bandwidth (speed) of mobile Internet connectivity constantly increases, a mobile website can offer much of the functionality found in a typical "app" yet has the added advantage of being cross-platform capable and can contain dynamic content, which you yourself manage through your website's CMS.

While mobile "apps" are certainly popular among the 15-35 demographic, unless your business has a really solid reason to embark on the development of a mobile app, your mobile website should ideally be your main focus of attention to capture this new style of visitor.

It is also important to remember that if you do move towards offering a mobile "app" then you have to ensure it is built for the different operating platforms currently in use. Having your app only available on a single platform will quickly erode any value you hoped to achieve by its release.

And if there's any doubt in your mind

There are an estimated one billion people connected to the Internet using mobile devices, and faced with these facts, if your website is not displaying properly on smaller devices, or not operating at all, an increasing number of your visitors are likely to simply pass you by.

With the arrival of the new 5G bandwidth technology, offering speeds exceeding 1Gbps, it is an absolute certainty that more and more Internet activity is going to originate from mobile devices.

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It's a mobile revolution  - News and articles from our team
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