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Micro-sites prove effectiveness
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A micro-site is simply a catchy term for a small to medium sized website attached or linked in some way to your main website. It could be used for an upcoming event or regular occasion, staying live for pre-determined periods of time and then taken off-line.

Recent micro-site projects proved extremely popular with their respective viewing audiences and help substantiate the effectiveness of the platform.

Our clients Rotana Hotel Management Corporation, The Club Abu Dhabi and MEPRA have all used promotional micro sites, featuring in one case a simple but effective video presentation and in the other a fully functional awards website.

Rotana commissioned our specialist marketing arm, SectorSelect, to produce a 3 minute video presentation featuring Rotana’s new properties in Abu Dhabi. Coinciding with the launch of these properties a separate domain was registered, and our web development team at Kastoun & Collins loaded up the video as a micro-site.

During the 3 month run of the campaign the micro-site was visited by just over 45,000 unique viewers, brought to the site from direct mailing and conventional advertising.

We have a number of other ongoing micro-site projects, including a recent "waiter's race" event based micro-site and The Club's bi-monthly magazine that offers mulitple device enabled "page turning" versions of the publication.

Indeed, in this latter example, the eBook concept lends itself very well to micro-sites, with the navigation and look & feel all reflecting the overall theme of the publication.

Micro-sites prove effectiveness  - News and articles from our team
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