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Our Order Delivery & Fulfilment sub systems (ODS) provide an intuitive web-based interface to orders placed through the online shopping elements of the website

Adopting a single screen style interface orders can be listed in a variety of ways, including search on customer, product or order numbers. An order can be shown in complete detail, and where required edited or updated in respect to its current status, such as in-process or delivered.

Desktop functionality over the web

Using browser embedded extensions the ODS provides a true desktop application environment. Printing is fully formatted, allowing the production of delivery notes and internal processing slips which can include Bar Codes for ease of fulfilment and inventory management.

Data can be accessed by these bar codes, for instance when an item has been despatched, and scanning the delivery note on a mobile device can be linked with an automatic update of the order.

Such data entry can also be accommodated manually by using one of the pre-programmed buttons appearing with the ODS screen.

A search can be performed using keywords or reference numbers such as order number, with applicable results returned in a format consistent with the content, such as a list of accounts or list of orders.

Once displayed any element can be clicked to expand the underlying data within an overlay from where the data can be updated or acted upon as required.

Online Payments & PCI Compliance

Our PCI DSS certified payment gateways seemlessly integrate with all of the ecommerce enabled websites we produce, with support for growing number of payment processors including MasterCard MIGS, Visa's CyberSource, and PayPal.

Expandable through data export

All data contained within the ODS, with the exception of credit card detail, is fully exportable to external applications such as an accounting system, desktop application or a fully fledged CRM application.

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