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We have developed a "generic" cache based online booking system for use exclusively on websites that allows the hotel owner, regardless of whether they have just one property or a geographically dispersed chain of properties, to define a set of rules for which to accept and confirm online reservations.

Confirmed reservations in 3 simple steps

Copyright Nonweiler Associates.With this system any hotel can offer a modern, real-time, 3 step online booking facility on their website, regardless of what PMS or booking engine they may be using at the property level.

From the guest's perspective they are able to obtain a confirmed booking, complete with accurate pricing, print out and location details.

As part of the online booking process special requests and requirements of the guest can be selected and entered, based on pre-entered inventory..

Fully searchable historical transaction data

Full historical records of all online reservations are kept at the CMS level, and can be reviewed, updated and downloaded as required. Further, the personal data of the guest can be accessed for marketing purposes, including our mass mailing facility.

Maintaining the online availability cache can be either carried out manually at selected intervals, or semi-automated through the addition of scheduled tasks that prepare a table of availability and rates for checking and subsequent upload by reception or front office staff.

Expandable through 3rd party integration

Where direct interaction is possible with the PMS then we are also able to provide XML based APIs to be used for integration with the PMS. Similarly, if a 3rd party online booking engine is being used, we will provide the means with which to "cloak" such 3rd party interaction within the look & feel of the hotels' website, presenting a seamless interaction for the visitor

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