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Our multi-media information delivery products include both static and interactive modes of operation. They are successfully used in digital signage,  off-site kiosks and on premise customer service points.

Information at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime

Our systems allow the content to be displayed on either touch enabled devices or large screen static display devices. The physical location of these devices can be literally anywhere even at remote sites such as shopping malls or passenger terminals.

With interactive content a simple touch on an item can cause additional information to be displayed, or initiate an onscreen form to capture a telephone number or email address.

By adding external capture devices, such as magnetic stripe card readers and ticket printers, the interactive display unit can become a fully enabled sales terminal.

Independence through owner generated content

Using our content management systems both text and images can be combined to present dynamic campaigns.  Such content can then be animated by using a variety of embedded styles, without the need to call upon an external agency or production house.

Content can even be automatically pulled from a website or 3rd party data feed, or be synchronized by periodical downloads where always on connectivity is not possible.

Where multiple display points are in use the content on each device can be controlled independently or grouped by location of device type.

As with the websites that we produce, our interactive display systems have inbuilt usage tracking allowing the effectiveness and performance of the devices to be fully analysed.

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