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Infotainment, combining information with entertainment, is used to describe the increasingly popular convergence of television styled programmes with business presentations for website delivery.

Where once a PowerPoint type presentation would impress an audience, in today's always-connected world, content rich video viewed on an organisations' website is fast becoming the expected standard.

A "moving" picture paints a thousand words

Without doubt, the popularity and effectiveness of Infotainment programming makes it one of the most significant promotional mediums to emerge in recent years.

We've been involved in the production of infotainment for quite some number of years, with a growing catalogue of successful short to medium length videos and animations to our credit

Our capabilities encompass the full gamut of the production cycle. From sourcing original footage, through musical composition, narration and animations, to final editing and streaming the programme to its intended audience.

Getting the message out there

We also produce and provide complete mixed-media systems capable of handling the distribution and management of in-house entertainment and information channels.

In their most basic form our systems allow content programming by location or device type, such as music and video for web or television, music only for mobile or PA systems and revolving images or video for digital signage in public areas.

Scheduling programme content  is achieved using simple drag & drop techniques greatly easing the daily upkeep and effectiveness of the media. Each location or device effectively becomes a "channel", and our systems support multiple simultaneous channels.

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