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Email Gateway Filtering services
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Our Email Gateway, Filtering and Archive services allow organisations with in-house based mail servers to benefit from reduced loadings on their in-house resources and 24/7 fail-safe communications with their partners, suppliers and clients.

From the reduction of incoming unsolicited (spam) messages to ensuring an organisation’s outgoing messages arrive at their intended destination, the services provide a cost effective and flexible layer of continuity to today’s single most important method of collaboration and communication.

Compatible with all leading email systems

With no software to install and no modifications required to existing email systems, integrating our eMail Gateway service is quick and easy.

 A unique aspect of our service is the ability to forward messages to and from dynamic IP addresses, allowing client’s to benefit from reduced Internet connectivity fees and to adopt distributed mail servers in smaller branch offices.

Take only the services and filters your need

The services, which are hosted in our network of geographically dispersed data centres, are offered as either a fully integrated package or as individual layers, split across incoming and outgoing messages.

Incoming services provide filtration and archiving of messages destined for the client’s domain, typically reducing the load and bandwidth on your email server by 60% to 70% and offering a 99.5% spam detection accuracy rate.

Outgoing services provide filtration, compliancy and archiving of messages leaving the client’s mail server, significantly cuting down on resources and preventing in-house abuse of email.

Our services are compatible with all leading email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange Server, and operate transparently in-front of the client’s primary Internet connection.
Email Gateway Filtering services - Email and Messaging
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