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Hosted Email Solutions
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With our hosted email solutions you can access your email at anytime from any platform. We offer two distinct classes of email catering to small, medium and large business.

Our entry level Business Class service handles basic incoming and outgoing messages, using either our webmail facility or a PC based program adopting POP3 and SMTP protocols. In comparison, our fully featured Enterprise Class offers MAPI (for direct interfacing with Microsoft Outlook), IMAP and SMTP protocols together with full scale synchronisation for both BlackBerry and iPhone mobile devices.

Both service classes feature server-side Anti-Virus scanning, including zero-hour outbreak protection, and a powerful, multi layered Anti-Spam mechanism. In addition for outgoing messages we fully support and automatically validate and sign messages using current authentication techniques including Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), Sender Policy Framework (SPF), and Sender ID.

With the Enterprise Class service, we provide complete collaboration and groupware style integration with shared and public calendaring and contacts. Using our Outlook integration you can stay in touch with employees, co-workers, customers and vendors by sharing Outlook's email, calendar with free/busy scheduling, address book, distribution lists, tasks, notes and more. Similarly, users can allow specific access to elements of their email and calendar, such as to their assistants or secretaries.

Our pricing model, for both classes, is based upon the number of active accounts, and for ease of reference we have listed here the main features and comparison between the classes of service.

Service Level ComparisonEntry LevelEnterprise
 MAPI Access (Outlook direct connect)NoYes
 SMTP AccessYesYes
 IMAP AccessNoYes
 POP3 AccessYesYes
 SSL/VPN AccessNoYes
 Server-side AntiSpam & AntiVirusYesYes
 Server-side Spam FolderYesYes
 Shared Folders, Calendars & ContactsNoYes
 BlackBerry Enterprise Server® supportNoYes
 Microsoft ActiveSync® supportNoYes
 Apple iPhone® supportNoYes
 SyncML SynchronisationNoYes
 Calendar/Contact SynchronisationNoYes
 Account AliasesNoYes
 Web mailBasicFull
 Automated BackupNoYes
 Message ArchivingNoYes
 Storage Space (per email account)250MBfrom 1GB
 Max Message Size12MB25MB
 Max Daily Outgoing Messages / Domain1000unlimited
 Max Daily Outgoing Messages / Acountsee abovefrom 1000
 Detailed Usage StatisticsNoYes
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