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Successful website design requires a balance between the need to encompass the corporate identity of its owner while providing clear and simple navigation of its content.

The correct combination of colour, words, symbols and objects are the essential tools used to achieve this, too much of one or not enough of another can easily diminish a website's usability and usefulness.

It's in the little detailed touches

Once this balance has been put in place, the design must then be able to lead a visitor through the content to an ultimate goal, be that a purchase, reservation or simply a point of contact.

The shape of a button, the way in which a calendar is displayed, the position of a form on the page, all of these contribute to encourage your visitor to move through your site. And ultimately keep them reading, following the story all the way to its end.

It is the attention to the smallest of detail, such as a shadow or the addition of an arrow, that can make the difference to your visitor finding what they are looking for or moving on to your competitor.

Forging a path to follow

Rather like a good book, every website should have a beginning, middle and end. But unlike a reader, we as the designer already know the end, that's when your visitor buys something or gets in touch with you.

So when we set about designing a website we start from the end and work our way back, creating a perfect pathway for your visitor to follow. And along the way, keep your visitor captivated and involved.

"like a good book, every website should have a beginning, middle and end, capitvating your visitors from the start"
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