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Community & Government Agencies
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More often associated with vast sources of textual information, the websites we have been responsible for producing for both semi-government and community related entities offer visually appealing, feature rich browsing experiences.

For instance, for Union of Arab Banks (, we produced a multi-lingual site that not only features extensive libraries of textual facts and figures, but also offers an associated mobile app.

We have assisted business councils, international chambers of commerce and other semi-government related organisations with their online presence and in many cases include full online event registration and back office event management.

Non-profit organisations also feature among our client base, with the recently opened home for the elderly Beit Rafqa ( among those.

Religious entities are one of the more delicate sectors to address online, and when commissioned by the Saint Maron-Annaya Monastery ( to develop their website ensured the resulting site remained informative while respectful to its subject matter.

We also developed new modules for our content management system to accommodate the administration of the extremely high volume of messages they received throughout the day from their 5 million plus visitors.

This particular project lead to our handling the development of a website dedicated to the recent beatification of St Estephan (, which since its launch in 2011 has attracted a growing audience reaching over 3 million visitors a month

Community & Government Agencies - Case studies and examples of our work
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