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Websites for businesses offering facts and contact details are the main stay of the Internet yet so often become neglected by their owners, and to an extent their developers as well.

From defence contractors, petrochemical companies through to chartered surveyors, our Lebanon based subsidiary Kastoun & Collins have been exposed to a wide variety of business sectors and as a result have a continually expanding in-house knowledge base to call upon when designing and developing websites.

More importantly however, as all of the websites we produce have integral content management systems (CMS), our clients are able to maintain their sites easily and on a regular basis, ensuring that the information presented to visitors is timely and accurate.

Out of date or incorrect information can so easily affect a business' credibility to its perspective client base, and none more so than when it comes to fashion and clothing. When developing the website for the international haute couture fashion designer Wissam Chammas ( for instance, we had to ensure that each season's new range would be automatically available to coincide with international launch dates.

In a similar way, for the multi-national ceramics company Vectorax ( and the custom table linen manufacturer Effet Design ( the websites we produced offer product information based not only on time periods but also geographical availability based on the location of the visitor.

During the property boom new real estate websites appeared on an almost daily basis, yet few survived and many no longer operate in new browsers or recent devices such as tablet computers. For our clients, however, their websites remain active, offering up to date information across all device types.

The property developments at Fochville ( and Arjaan Office Tower ( for instance, have been refreshed regularly and attract continued interest because of that. While across at Exiles Real Estate ( they have ensured their content remains topical thanks to our embedded CMS and even had us extend their online presence ( to accommodate new service offerings.

From all the websites that we have produced over the past 10 years, less than a handful have unfortunately been closed or deactivated. Not surprisingly then, we pride ourselves that our clients have benefitted from their websites and continue to enjoy a return on their investment as a result of the lasting nature of the sites we produce for them.

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