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We're Geocasting your websites and email
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As part of our continual efforts to ensure our clients benefit from the fastest possible response times and uninterrupted levels of service, no matter where they are physically located, we have upgraded all of our nameservers to provide full Geocasting capability.

Geocast is a network addressing and routing scheme where data is routed to the nearest or best destination as viewed from the perspective of the originator of the request and the path that the cables making up the Internet backbone follow. Due to the nature of the technology used it is referred to as "geocasting".

In practice what this means to our clients, is if a visitor to their website is from USA then we serve that visitor from our USA data center, but if the visitor was from China then we would serve the website from our Hong Kong data center. Obviously these are simple examples, but with 5 geographical disbursed data centers we are well equipped to reach locations nearest to your website visitors.

As a consequence of our implementing this service all websites and email services that we provide through our group companies benefit from exceptional response and delivery times.

In the case of email this is particularly important if your staff are frequently moving around, in that through the adoption of Geocast and fast data transfers between our data centers, your staff’s email will literally follow them as they travel.

Another advantage of implementing Geocast technology is the increased flexibility it provides us in terms of load balancing, particularly during times of global internet disruption or excessive traffic.

The Geocast upgrade was successfully implemented during January 2011 across all of the 35 nameservers that make up our global DNS network.

We're Geocasting your websites and email  - News and articles from our team
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